Community Dementia Services

In an effort to help you find your way through the health care system, here is a brief overview of the other key agencies you will come across. These agencies can provide you with the necessary support and guidance regardless of the stage of the disease.

Champlain Community Care Access Centre (Champlain CCAC)

Address: 100-4200 rue Labelle Street, Ottawa, ON K1J 1J8
Telephone: 613-745-5525
Fax: 613-745-6984

Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa (GPCSO)

The service’s main focus is individuals who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe dementia.They are available upon request if the individual is depressed or if there are problems with behaviours or other psychiatric problems. This may include a home visit, if necessary.
(A physician referral may be required for this service.)
Address: 75 Bruyère St., Rm 106Y, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5C7
Telephone: 613-562-9777
Fax: 613-562-0259

Bruyère Memory Program

This service focuses on the early diagnosis (mild to moderate) of dementia and the difficult diagnosis of atypical patients with dementia at any stage and at any age. A physician referral is required.
Address: Élisabeth Bruyère Health Centre, Sisters of Charity of Ottawa Health Service, 75 Bruyère Street, Room #399-13, Ottawa, ON, K1N 5C7
Telephone: 562-6322
Fax: 562-6013

Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario (RGPEO)

Both of these programs focus on the diagnostic assessment in people with dementia and other medical problems in people over the age of 60. A physician referral may be required.
EAST East Program for patients east of Bronson Avenue and the Rideau River)
Address: Élisabeth Bruyère
Telephone: 613-562-6362
WEST (West program for patients west of Bronson Avenue and the Rideau River)
Address: Queensway Carleton Hospital
Telephone: 613-721-0041

Geriatric Assessment Outreach Teams

Health care professionals from various backgrounds (multidisciplinary team) visit individuals in their home to identify problems and refer to other RGPEO or community programs.

Geriatric Day Hospitals

This hospital-based program provides a multi-disciplinary team who assesses and diagnoses problems and provides treatment and rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis.

Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre -Geriatric Psychiatry Program

This program provides treatment to those with dementia who also have psychiatric problems such as depression or behavioural problems. Assessments are initially provided either at the Royal Ottawa Hospital on an outpatient basis or in long-term care facilities as part of its outreach services. After an initial assessment, treatment may be provided in the Geriatric Psychiatry Day Hospital or inpatient service. A physician referral is required.
Address: 1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7K4
Telephone: 613-722-6521 ex 6507
Fax: 613-798-2999