Volunteers are people like you who want to make a difference in their community.



When you become an Alzheimer Society volunteer you have a chance to:

  • Help make life better for those living with dementia
  • Help improve the quality of community life
  • Support a cause that you believe in
  • Work with other members of the team to achieve a specific goal

Volunteering also helps you make a difference in your own life. You can:

  •  Use your professional skills  in a new setting
  •  Meet other people who share your interests and passions
  •  Learn new skills and discover new talents
  •  Advance your career or gain experience and qualifications for future employment, scholarships, bursaries and academic programs
  •  Build your network and establish contacts in your field of interest
  •  Boost your health and reduce your stress
  •  Create a schedule that works for  you
  •  Have fun!

    Volunteer Profiles:

    Education Services

     Volunteer Speakers’ Bureau — Volunteers reach out to our community to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and the services available at the Alzheimer Society. Our goal is to let the community know that there is Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow… ® No one needs to go on this journey alone. This is achieved by making presentations to community, church, service and seniors groups, retirement home residents and their families, multi-cultural associations, college and university students, government employees, etc.

    Volunteers also manage booths across the region at senior wellness fairs, conferences, businesses, government agencies, etc.

    We are a member of Healthpartners along with 15 other National Health Charities in Canada. Volunteers speak on behalf of the Alzheimer Society during Healthpartners fundraising initiatives.

    Partners in Transition — This program helps families with the transition between home and long term care. Volunteers participate in the ‘Preparing for the Move’ workshop for the new resident and family members. Participants learn about common feelings and ways to cope, plan for the day of the move, and discuss adjustment strategies for both the caregiver in their new role and their family member in their new home.

    Support Services

    Support Group Facilitator — Volunteer facilitators lead monthly support groups for caregivers of individuals with dementia. We have support groups throughout Ottawa and Renfrew County offering a wide variety of specializations; wives, husbands/sons, daughters, etc. in both English and French. These groups offer a confidential, compassionate and knowledgeable environment where caregivers can discuss the challenges they encounter in everyday living with dementia. Participants have the opportunity to meet other caregivers, share experiences and find support.

    Social Group Facilitator — Volunteers convene a social group for individuals in the early stages of dementia and their family members. Groups such as Koffee Klatsch/Lunch Bunch and Café Rencontre offer opportunities for building networks and having fun.


    Volunteers help raise awareness and secure financial support by participating in various fundraising events. This may involve planning, public relations, preparation and assistance on the day of fundraising events. Our main annual fundraising event is the Walk for Alzheimer’s.


    Volunteers provide essential support in many areas of administrative and computer services in our Ottawa office. Opportunities include working at the reception desk, photocopying, assembling workshop packages, preparing mail outs, tracking memorial donations, making workshop reminder phone calls and managing database entries and updates during business hours.


    Volunteers share their communications skills to assist in raising awareness of dementia in our community.  Opportunities include writing articles for newsletters and community newspapers, posting events on community/media websites and providing photography services.

    Board Member

    Our volunteer Board is elected for a 3 year term. The Board sets the goals and direction for the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County.