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Education Series for Caregivers

Education Series for Caregivers – Education sessions for family or friends caring for aperson living with dementia facilitated by professionals (free of charge). Offered in a variety of locations.

Understanding Dementia
An introduction for family and friends who care and support a person living with dementia.


Progression of Dementia
Skills and tools to help with daily life (for caregivers/family only).


Identifying Community Resources
Community P rograms & When Long-Term Care is Needed – Programs and services to support
you (for caregivers/family only).


Transition to Long-Term Care
Prepare the person with dementia and yourself for the move to long-term care.

Late Stage or Late Stage & End of Life Dementia Care
Understand more about the final stage.


Learning Series Supper Club
A program that will provide on-site respite. This will allow families to attend the Understanding
Dementia Learning Series while the person with dementia participates in a supper club in the
same building.


En savoir plus sur la maladie et de bien vivre

Sessions éducatives sont offertes pour
les familles ou amis de personne avec un diagnostic d’Alzheimer ou maladies apparentées. Les
cours de la série éducative sont progressifs, chacun ajoutant aux précédents. Les participants ont
l’occasion d’apprendre et d’échanger avec d’autres personnes touchées par la maladie.


Minds in Motion®

Thank you for your interest in Minds in Motion®!

This fun community-based program combines 1 hour of physical activity, led by a City of Ottawa fitness instructor, and 1 hour of mental and social activities for individuals with dementia (in early to mid-stage) and their care partner. Enjoy getting active and meeting others during this 2 hour program that runs for 8 weeks. For more info click here.

Program requirements

Before you choose a session and register, please read the following program requirements to help ensure that Minds in Motion will be a good fit for you: 1. For the person with dementia:

  •  You’re living with early to mid-stages of dementia.
  •  You’ll be able to follow instructions from the fitness instructor and program coordinator. Instructions can be repeated and caregivers and volunteers are there to  provide support.

For both the person with dementia and the caregiver:

  • You’ll be able to take part in a one-hour group exercise class involving sitting, standing and walking exercises that can be done at your own pace. This can include doing the entire class from a seated position.
  • You enjoy trying new activities.
  • You’re comfortable in a group setting (approximately 25 people) and enjoy meeting new people and spending time with others.
  • You like to have fun!

*If you have any questions or concerns about program eligibility, please contact the program coordinator at 613-270-1156 or



Minds in Song

A program for persons with early dementia and their caregivers living in the community. No training or music background needed. For the joy of singing! Cost: $84 per couple



A Long Journey – the Experience of Grief in Caregiving – February 22, 2017

Loss and grief are among the most significant and challenging issues you will face as a caregiver when supporting a person with dementia. Whether you are caring for your partner, your parent or a friend with dementia, you may experience losses and grief in different ways at all stages in the dementia journey. Learn more about grief and dementia, and how to work with this process in a healthy way.


Renfrew County Programs

Learning Series

Part 2 – Progression & Daily Life
Skills and tools to help with daily life (for caregivers/family only).


Part 3 –Building a Care Plan
Community P rograms & When Long-Term Care is Needed – Programs and services to support
you (for caregivers/family only).



Best Friends™ Approach with David Troxel

Best Friends™ suggests that what a person with dementia needs most of all is a friend. This can be
a family member, friend, or staff member who empathizes with their situation, remains loving and
positive, and is dedicated to helping the person feel safe, secure and valued. The Best Friends™
Approach teaches caregivers the art of doing difficult things with ease or clever tricks and strategies.

 Tickets $75 each

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 –  Pembroke

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 – Ottawa